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Welcome to a website designed and created to promote and share the didgeridoo alongside all aspects of aboriginal Australian culture and customs.

Over the last two decades Nick Burman, Didgfever's creator, has accumulated extensive knowledge and experience, not only of playing teaching and performing with the didgeridoo, but also in learning and sharing in the rich and vibrant culture of the indigenous Australians.

Didgfever is all about the didgeridoo and its many different facets, so whether you are looking for someone to teach you how to play the didgeridoo, hold a group workshop, or facilitate educational workshops involving aboriginal art, craft, music, dance and more ­ Didgfever is able to make this happen.

If you are looking for a virtuoso didgeridoo performer, Nick is able to play live at concerts, festivals, private and corporate events.

Available and accessible to all age groups be it schools and colleges, individuals, organisations or businesses, Didgfever focuses on being educational, inspirational, motivational and above all fun!

Nick Burman at home

Nick Burman and his didgeridoo collection.

Educational - Learn about the music, dance, art and stories of another civilization from the other side of the world. Informative and enlightening that shows a valuable insight into the way of life of another people.

Inspirational - Listening and learning helps to inspire people with a completely organic sound. With no written word the indigenous peoples of Australia developed different techniques to pass on their knowledge. Stories and learning told using music art and dance gives inspiration to a western way of thinking.

Motivational - Becoming involved in the didgeridoo and associated cultures and traditions with the stories and messages reinforcing them, helps to build a sense of purpose, motivating people from any walk of life to aspire to a better way of life.

Fun - Playing and learning the didgeridoo from the basics to more advanced skills is great fun. No batteries, strings, or modern technology, the didge is a totally organic musical instrument that has been around for several thousand years.